Apr 5, 2022

Addressing Employee Substance Misuse

Addressing employee substance misuse can be a difficult topic for managers to address in the workplace. How can you tell if an employee is struggling with addiction? What should you do if you suspect someone is using drugs or alcohol on the job? More than 70% of Americans struggling with substance misuse are employed. Learn how to Address Employee Substance abuse in this blog post. We will provide tips for managers and suggestions for creating a safe and healthy work environment.

If you suspect that an employee is struggling with a substance use disorder, there are a few signs to look for. These may include changes in appearance, mood swings, and decreased productivity. In some cases, an employee may be stressed from supporting a loved one struggling with substance use. Over 26% of employed adults have a family member who struggles with a substance use disorder. If you notice any of these changes, it’s important to have a conversation with the employee. Be sure to approach the topic with care and concern. It’s also important to create a safe space for employees to come forward with any issues they may be facing.

If an employee does come to you with a substance use problem, it’s important to offer support and resources. Only about 10 percent of people with a substance use disorder receive any type of specialty treatment. Help the employee find a treatment program that can help them get sober. You may also want to consider offering flexible work hours or other accommodations.

Creating a safe and healthy work environment is essential for employees struggling with a substance use disorder. Here are a few tips for managers:

-Create a policy on substance use in the workplace. This can help set clear boundaries for employees.

-Encourage employees to speak up if they are struggling. This can help create a supportive environment for those who need it.

-Offer resources and support to employees who are struggling with addiction. This can include treatment programs, counseling, and flexible work hours.

Addressing employee substance use in the workplace can be difficult, but it’s important for managers to be supportive and understanding. By creating a safe environment and offering resources, you can help employees get the treatment they need.

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