Integrated Health Care Management

In broad terms, we provide an integrated network of health care and pharmacy management services that improve patient care and reduce costs. But we are much more than that. 

We aren’t just a PBM or a TPA; our focus is on comprehensive solutions for both. These are challenging times in health care. No one else can offer the range of medical and pharmacy services that we do, and there has never been more of a need.

We Help You Navigate the
Challenging World of Health Care

At Heritage Health Solutions, we have a long, successful history within the government and law enforcement sectors. And today, we are breaking the mold of traditional health care services. We’re starting a new legacy—a legacy built upon innovation and a solutions-oriented approach. Where you have walls, we will find a way over. Where you have barriers, we will break through. We will help you find a better way. Through our experience, expertise and passion to help, we can successfully navigate your current system and provide creative solutions that give patients the help they need—and give you the resources and options to make it happen like never before.