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IV Infusion

IV Infusion

Infusion drugs create challenging logistics for health care providers, insurers, and patients. Heritage has an effective program with proven solutions.

At Heritage Health Solutions, we understand the logistical challenges you face with infusion drugs, as well as the complicated payment model that comes with these drugs. Doctors are faced with “buy-and-bill” – buying the infusion drugs and then either billing the patient or having the pharmacy take on the benefit and bill the patients themselves (Assignment of Benefits – AOB). The challenge hospitals face is that in order to infuse drugs in the lab, they have to meet extremely rigid requirements of both USP 797 and USP 800. To fully comply, many hospitals would have to reconfigure their entire lab to meet the new specifications.

We understand the logistical challenges and cost variances you face with infused drugs. Infused medications can be covered under both a medical benefit and pharmacy benefit. Infusions can take place in a hospital, outpatient clinic, doctor’s office, or the patient’s home. Sterile preparation of the medications must meet USP 797 and USP 800 requirements—which even hospitals are struggling to keep up with and comply. Managing patients on these therapies is complex and costly. There has to be a better way. And there is.

The Heritage Solution
To overcome these multiple hurdles, we have established a network of Infusion Pharmacies to contract with when needed. Site of care management is a key to keeping costs down in this category. For example, infusion in the home, when clinically appropriate, is often drastically less expensive than other options. By leveraging our network of pharmacies, we lower costs, maximize speed to therapy, and eliminate access barriers.

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