Our Solutions Positively Impact People’s Lives

Be The Solution

We don’t wait for others to figure out answers to problems.  We identify the issue and bring solutions to the table.  It does not matter if it’s a challenge that affects my team or someone else’s. We collaborate, we help, we solve it.

Be The Duck

Ducks are elegant, calm and coordinated. But, sometimes they may need to paddle furiously underneath the water. We always remain calm, professional and focused… at the same time we have a competence for navigating turbulent waters to arrive at our desired destination together, safely.

Enjoy The Ride

We spend 70% of our life with the people at Heritage doing the work we love. We work hard AND we have fun. We take the time to acknowledge our coworkers and friends and celebrate together. We LOVE our work.

Always Be Transparent

Always be transparent… we do not mince words. We do not play games or politics. We are honest and forthcoming in everything we do.

Always Do The Right Thing

We are always honest and true. We do not play in the gray area. We do what is right each and every day.

Make It Happen

We are game changers. We do whatever it takes to achieve our goal, big or small. We do not let obstacles stand in the way of our success. We make it happen ourselves.