Third-party Administrator | TPA

Third-party Administrator (TPA)

We do much more than adjudicate insurance claims.

At Heritage, we are your go-to third-party benefits administrator, offering everything you need and expect, with many added services and capabilities you won’t find elsewhere. We are nimble and adaptable, and we’ll partner with you to provide the services and expertise that you need while allowing you to manage the functions that you already have proficiency in. Above all, we are a flexible and solutions oriented TPA you can count on when you need us.

At Heritage Health Solutions, we offer:

  • A vast network of credentialed providers to ensure access for your members
  • The expertise and capability to administer all or a portion of the claims process, including both pharmacy and medical claims
  • An experienced customer care team, staffed by pharmacy technicians, in place to answer member questions
  • Dedicated account management team to ensure that you can get answers to questions in a timely manner
  • A clinical team who provides utilization reviews and offers insights into cost savings opportunities, as well as medication therapy management as needed