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Mental Health Support

Mental Health Support

With our experience working in the correctional and public sectors, we have developed innovative mental health programs.

Based on our extensive history working with patients of the VA and inmates with the U.S. Marshals Service, we understand the mental health challenges and coping problems these individuals often face. We often see patients hastily diagnosed—with PTSD or a major depressive disorder—and given a prescription that may not be ideal or suitable. Often the patient is misdiagnosed. Other times, a patient or inmate is given medication that is not best suited for them. At Heritage, we have personalized solutions in place that manage treatment effectively.

Genetic Testing Program
Upon diagnosis, we administer a DNA test that analyzes the patient’s DNA to determine which class of drugs the patient will best metabolize. The test results enable doctors to prescribe the medication with the best chance for success. We are able to get the patient on the most effective medication at the outset, without having to resort to trial-and-error guesswork.

Medication Adherence
Fact: only 25% of patients administer their medication as prescribed. So it’s not enough to get the patient on the right medication—it’s critical to get them to take it as instructed. Heritage has developed a series of technology-based medication options (below) to promote better adherence of prescription medicine.

Digestible Sensors
Co-encapsulated with the medication. A small wearable sensor patch is worn by the patient. The patch recognizes when the patient swallows the medication.

Smart Pill Bottles
Designed to register each time a patient opens the bottle.

Bi-Lateral Text Messaging
Patients receive a text when it is time to take a dose and must respond with a message that they took the medication as authorized.

For each of these programs a report is generated on every patient each week so that the Pharmacist can monitor the usage and the time that every dose was taken or not taken.

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