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Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery

We provide comprehensive solutions that go well beyond the scope of most health managers and integrators. Our proven disaster recovery program is a case in point.

Heritage Health Solution has supported multiple VA locations prior to, during, and after various disaster responses, including the California Wildfires and Hurricanes Dorian, Florence, and Harvey. Our ability to scale disaster operations to match the scope of the event, and our ability to tap into 65,000+ network pharmacy locations, gives us a unique ability to help other agencies reduce risk and increase capacity for those they serve.

The Heritage Solution
Heritage’s dedicated account management team tracks all storms and other natural disasters that may impact our clients’ ability to deliver medications to their beneficiaries. We are able to quickly pass on recommendations and apply lessons learned from years of experience managing disaster response for multiple government agencies.

We are able to support 100% of impacted treatment facilities with our tailored response solution. It allows our clients to set the duration of our response and provide both cost control measures and assurances for a steady supply of required medications until a normal state of operations have resumed.

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