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Heritage Health Solutions provides 24/7 access to quality care through a network of licensed providers who customize solutions for patients.

At Heritage, we are always looking for ways to be both more effective and more efficient. Telemedicine is one of those vital services that checks both boxes. We transform health care by speeding patient access, improving outcomes and unlocking business value.

Patients don’t choose when they get sick. They work shifts that don’t give them access to seeing a physician during “normal business hours.” And we all know the rising costs of going to Urgent Care or even worse, showing up in the Emergency Room for routine medical attention. Equally concerning is the fact that without easy, convenient access to medical and counseling resources, many patients simply ignore the physical and mental symptoms they are struggling with and do not present themselves to a medical professional until they are in a critical or crisis situation.

The Heritage Solution
Telemedicine is the solution to getting patients access to licensed medical professionals on a time schedule that works best for them. We offer a convenient and cost-effective way for individuals to receive medical and behavioral health support for common conditions that can be safely and accurately diagnosed and treated online. Patients access a doctor or behavioral health provider 24/7 from their home, office, or anywhere via a secure video or short phone visit. All of our providers are licensed and able to prescribe certain medications as part of a patient’s care plan, if clinically appropriate.

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