Commercial Health Care

One of the most significant challenges facing businesses today is the rising cost of health care. Employees deserve the best coverage, while employers must balance the most affordable solutions. We understand. We are the game-changers that can synchronize these two goals and provide your business a lifeline you can depend on.

Your Total Health Care Solution

At Heritage Health Solutions, we integrate pharmacy and medical oversight into comprehensive coverage that goes well beyond what others can offer. Because of our extensive experience in the public sector – with federal, state, and local entities – we know how to navigate the endless sea of processes and red tape. We deliver results and can provide you access to the most affordable health care services to meet your specific requirements. Our vast resources, dedicated specialty partners, and a responsive team is ready to answer your questions. You can count on us to deliver the most effective and affordable health care solutions.

Vast Network of Care

Our network includes more than 65,000 pharmacies and more than 650 facilities of all sizes. We routinely process more than 860,000 prescriptions annually, which demonstrates our ability to meet the needs of customers of all sizes. No matter what your unique needs are, we can tailor our offerings to meet your demands.

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