Outside-the-Walls Care

Is Your Jail Medical Provider Your BEST Option for OFF-SITE Medical?

  • Do they GUARANTEE your hospital rates?
  • Do they provide monthly MEDICAL COST SAVINGS reviews?
  • Do you know your YTD off-site Medical spend?

Why Heritage?

Our experience managing outside-the-walls care for correctional facilities allows us to reduce your medical costs by negotiating pricing with providers up front as part of our Outside Medical Network (OMN).

  • We have saved individual counties over $6 million dollars.
  • Our clients save on average 80% on outside-the-walls medical care.
  • Our reports provide cost-saving insight and are customized to your needs.

We will help you find a better way.


“For many years, the Polk County Sheriff’s Office struggled to control off-site inmate medical costs. Heritage Health Solutions contracted a guaranteed rate to negotiate and manage all hospital and provider inmate medical care. Since then, the Polk County Sheriff’s Office has saved millions of taxpayer dollars, providers and hospitals are being paid on time, and inmates are still receiving the care they need. Thank you Heritage Health Solutions, for your expertise and being such a great business partner with the Polk County Sheriff’s Office and the citizens of Polk County..”

Sheriff Grady Judd

Polk County Florida

“The Franklin County Sheriff’s Office is excited to partner with Heritage Health Solutions to manage and navigate the medical billing needs for our small agency. Chris and his team have invaluable insight, knowledge, and expertise in this field. The transition to Heritage Health Solutions has been a smooth process and we look forward to many years of a mutually beneficial partnership and relationship with Heritage. Give them a call and let them show you just how hard they will work for you!”

Ginger S. Coulter

Chief Finance Officer, Franklin County Sheriff’s Office

“The Walton County (FL) Sheriff’s Office has worked with Heritage Health Solutions for about one year and is already seeing benefits, especially on the larger hospital invoices. Their expertise in working with the providers and invoicing us monthly has freed up staff time to focus on other tasks. The transition was effortless and Chris, along with his team, are always willing to assist as needed.”

Minette Bruce

Chief Financial Officer, Walton County Sheriff’s Office

Tim Urlocker

Tim Urlocker,
Director of Partner Relations

D: 602 524 4476
E: turlocker@heritagehealthsolutions.com

Chris Bell

Chris Bell,
Director of Business Development, Corrections

D:  615 651 3870
E:  cbell@heritagehealthsolutions.com

Matthew Lewis

Matthew Lewis,
Business Development Representative

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E:  mlewis@heritagehealthsolutions.com

John Masella

John Masella,
Business Engagement

D:  312 802 0604
E:  jmasella@heritagehealthsolutions.com

Mags Simpson

Mags Simpson,
Business Development Representative

D: 601 955 4514
E: msimpson@heritagehealthsolutions.com


We quickly review your claims at no cost and come back with a recommendation to achieved increased savings, improved outcomes, and better managed care.


75% of the counties we have reviewed under our network have experienced significant savings on their outside-the-walls medical claims.


Our ability to integrate with your existing jail medical provider means you'll never have to worry about claims processing, and your off-site providers will have a dedicated team to provide support when they need it.