Health Care Management Solutions

Integrated Health Care Management

We are a single resource for both pharmacy and medical services. We create and customize comprehensive solutions depending upon your unique, ever-evolving needs—solutions that reduce costs and improve overall patient care.

Third-party Administrator (TPA)

We do much more than adjudicate insurance claims. Heritage Health Solution is a single resource that effectively manages all of your medical healthcare needs and benefits. We have an extensive history of working within the requirements of complex federal contracts—along with the expertise and capabilities to provide the broad, value-added services you’re looking for.

Pharmacy Benefit Management (PBM)

To put it simply, we can save you time and money. And headaches. We have a vast, nationwide network of preferred pharmacies to ensure just-in-time coverage to your patients wherever they are. We not only develop and maintain the formulary program, but we also deliver significant savings on your overall yearly healthcare expenses.

Customized Medical Solutions

We are unique in our ability to adjudicate both medical and pharmacy claims. But we are much more than that. We have a vast array of solutions that we can customize and provide depending on each organization’s needs and opportunities. We’ve worked in federal, state, and local government segments—with core groups and entities—so long that we have become experts. We are a comprehensive Integrated Healthcare Solutions Provider.

TeleMAT Services

Our experience working in the correctional and public sectors has allowed us to understand unique health care challenges and develop innovative addiction support programs to support unique patient populations.

Addiction Support

Heritage Health Solutions has a proven program with solutions that help individuals beat addiction.

Mental Health Support

With our experience working in the correctional and public sectors, we have developed innovative mental health programs.

Sterile Compounding

With shifting regulations and requirements, sterile compounding has become increasingly complex and costly. We can help.

Specialty Pharmacy

Specialty drugs are on the rise—as are the costs. How do companies and individuals find a program that works in their best interests? Heritage can help.

IV Infusion

Infusion drugs create challenging logistics for healthcare providers, insurers, and patients. Heritage has an effective program with proven solutions.

Disaster Recovery

We provide comprehensive solutions that go well beyond the scope of most health managers and integrators. Our proven disaster recovery program is a case in point.


Heritage Health Solutions provides 24/7 access to quality care through a network of licensed providers who customize solutions for patients.

Pharmacy Discount Card

As the cost of health care continues to rise, you need real solutions that not only combat expenses but also provide better overall coverage and solutions.

Musculoskeletal Program

This is an ever-growing category that has skyrocketed in recent years. We have an innovative program in place to deliver real solutions.

Laboratory and Diagnostic Services

Heritage has partnered with Quest Diagnostics to deliver leading edge testing and laboratory services to help ensure high-quality patient care.