May 19, 2021

Heritage CARES Verified by Validation Institute.

Heritage Health Solutions is proud to announce that our program, Heritage CARES, has achieved a level 3- Contractual Integrity validation through Validation Institute.

Validation Institute Seal

Validation Institute advocates for organizations and approaches that deliver better health value than conventional healthcare and objectively assesses whether a healthcare organization’s performance claims are credible.

Heritage CARES, or Comprehensive Addiction Recovery Education and Support, is a confidential and evidence-based virtual program for substance use disorders, or SUDs, and suicide prevention and intervention. 46% of Americans struggle with substance misuse or have a close friend or family member who struggles; however, only 24% of employers provide training or solutions to help with SUDs. The Heritage CARES program consists of online education via a proprietary learning management platform – youturn, a care management platform that streamlines suicidal and substance use risk analysis, and Assertive Community Engagement, ACE, Peer Coaching Support. Heritage CARES was founded in 2019 on sound clinical theories and practices such as motivational interviewing, harm reduction, and family system theories.

“Now more than ever, employers need to give mental health serious consideration and attention as part of their healthcare management strategy,” said Sue Morrell, General Manager of Validation Institute. “We are honored to stand behind our program validation that Heritage Health Solutions will positively impact employees and their families struggling with mental health, including addiction and substance abuse, through their Heritage CARES program. It’s important for us to continue to highlight those high-performing solution providers doing great work to drive positive outcomes and reduce overall costs.”

Heritage CARES guarantees employers will see a reduction in units of care per 1,000 eligible members in CPT codes 96164, 96165, 96167, 96168, 96170, 96171 or Heritage will refund 70% of the youturn fees paid. Because of this, Validation Institute awarded Heritage CARES a level 3 – Contractual Integrity validation and supports this claim via the organization’s Credibility Guarantee Program.

“Heritage Health Solutions is steadfast in its mission to positively impact people’s lives, and the Heritage CARES program does just that. Our program’s validation through the Validation Institute is a testament to Heritage employees’ hard work and passion,” said Heritage Health Solutions President Hamilton Baiden. “We cannot be prouder of our affiliation with an organization that works with proven companies to deliver better health value.”

According to the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence, drug abuse costs employers $81 billion each year due to increased health care costs, increased absenteeism and workplace injuries. Even more concerning, 90% of individuals struggling with addiction issues do not seek help. Heritage CARES hopes that their completely confidential online learning management system will allow users to receive the help they need in private and provide critical resources to family and friends to help loved ones navigate their SUDs. Further, this will also save organizations money by increasing efficiency in the workplace.

Certificate of Validation

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