Sep 18, 2019

Heritage Applauds Efforts by Department of Defense

Heritage Health Solutions Applauds Efforts to Establish a Department of Defense Substance Abuse Pilot Program

NEWS PROVIDED BY Heritage Health Solutions, Inc.
COPPELL, Texas , Sept. 18, 2019 /PRNewswire/

On September 12, 2019, the Senate Committee on Appropriations (Committee) voted to approve the Fiscal Year 2020 Department of Defense Appropriations bill. Included in the report that accompanies this legislation is language urging the Department of Defense (DoD) to establish a health support and education pilot program to assist servicemembers who struggle with substance use disorders and other health challenges.

“As a true integrated health care manager, the team at Heritage Health Solutions works every day to assist our servicemembers and veterans with their health care and pharmacy needs. We applaud the Senate Appropriations Committee for their support of those servicemembers and their families who need additional tools and resources to better handle issues related to their time in service to their country,” said Tonya Clark, CEO of Heritage Health Solutions.

“We would like to thank Senator Jerry Moran of Kansas in particular for his continued leadership in ensuring that our military men, women and their families have the resources they need to deal with the challenges they face when returning from deployment or when they become injured or ill. Senator Moran’s support for this report language demonstrates his understanding of the need for innovative approaches to the unique and complex challenges our military members and veterans face every day,” Clark said.

The Committee report accompanying the Fiscal Year 2020 Department of Defense Appropriations bill includes the following provision:

Substance Abuse Pilot Program—The Committee understands that wounded, ill, and injured servicemembers and their families face complicated and complex challenges, which at times can lead to attempts at self-medication and other substance use disorders. The Committee recognizes the need to provide opioid safety and substance use educational resources to at-risk servicemembers and their families in order to better prepare them for their warrior care and transition. As such, the Committee supports programs that utilize harm reduction techniques and offer confidential educational information that can reduce substance use, relapse, hospital visits, and suicide. The Committee encourages the Department to establish a health support and education pilot program at Army bases with transition units to provide servicemembers and their families with a comprehensive. Internet-based educational program and tools related to substance use in order to assist and safeguard their warrior care and transition.

SOURCE Heritage Health Solutions, Inc.