May 25, 2021

Heritage CARES Welcomes New EVP, Executive Director Rich Jones

Heritage CARES, a confidential and evidence-based virtual recovery program for substance misuse and suicide prevention and intervention, announces the appointment of its new EVP and Executive Director Rich Jones, MA, MBA, LCAS, SAP.

Rich Jones, Heritage CARES EVP, Executive Director

Jones is an experienced therapist, clinician, and healthcare entrepreneur with more than 20 years in the behavioral health space, including mental health, substance use disorders (SUD), co-occurring disorders, and intellectual disabilities. He has been instrumental in the launch and rebuilding of multiple programs nationwide. He has been the founding CEO of two nonprofit organizations and two for-profit businesses dedicated to disrupting the behavioral-health space for the betterment of people in need. His blog has a healthy following of fans who are looking for information on how to start recovery or need support on their journey.

“Rich is well-respected in the recovery world and a pioneer in the industry,” says Heritage Health Solutions President Hamilton Baiden. Heritage CARES is a division of Heritage Health Solutions. “Rich is passionate about providing quality care and supporting people in need and has a powerful nationwide voice in his field. He has built his career on helping people who need the unique, flexible, evidence-based support that our platform delivers.”

One of the innovators behind Heritage CARES’s virtual education platform, youturn – think Netflix but an on-demand video for recovery – Jones has worked with individuals looking for nontraditional ways of dealing with SUDs and suicide. He is the clinical brains and expert behind Heritage CARES and its three components:

1. Education through youturn, which is the most extensive collection of evidence-based video content that features real people telling their real stories for both the person seeking recovery and family members.

2. Care management, a fast and confidential way to communicate with trained health care professionals while streamlining suicidal and substance use risk analysis.

3. Peer coaches who are state-certified engagement specialists and have been through their own substance use journey.

“Traditional, one-size-fits-all methods of recovery support the 10% of people with substance use disorders who raise their hand and say they have a problem and need help,” says Jones. “Heritage CARES, on the other hand, is a game-changer for people with SUDs and their families. We have found a fresh new way to engage and help the other 90%. Our innovative platform involves virtual support and certified peer coaches who engage and connect with individuals and make recovery attainable. We want to help people re-engage in the community and live a good life.”

Heritage Cares virtual recovery programs are extremely affordable and are used by corporations, nonprofits, government as well as an aftercare tool for leading addition recovery centers around the U.S. For more information, visit Heritage-CARES.

About Heritage CARES

Heritage CARES (Comprehensive Addiction Recovery Education & Support), is a confidential and evidence-based support program for people negatively affected by addiction. Heritage CARES focuses on harm reduction and behavioral modification through 24/7 access to educational videos and resources that streamline suicidal and substance use risk analysis as well as Assertive Community Engagement (ACE) Peer Coaching Support. For more information on Heritage CARES, visit Heritage-CARES.

About Heritage Health Solutions

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