Jun 11, 2020

Heritage Health Solutions Helps To Improve VA Primary Care During Covid-19

Coppell, Tx, June 10, 2020- The COVID-19 pandemic presented the Veteran’s Health Administration with a unique challenge; how to best care for veterans located in the US Virgin Islands in the midst of an unprecedented health care crisis. They quickly worked to find solutions that would ensure that island veterans would receive the quality of care they deserve.

Heritage Health Solutions
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One such solution was activating the First and Emergent Pharmacy Fill contract with Heritage Health Solutions. This contact ensured that Veteran’s within the St. John’s territory had access to much-needed prescriptions. To date, 91 prescriptions have been fulfilled throughout the territory.

“I believe this is a strong testament of the wonderful relationship we are establishing with providers that previously weren’t participating with the V.A. program,” Carlo Escobar – Veterans Affairs Caribbean Healthcare System Director.

For more information, watch Delegate to Congress Stacey Plaskett, joined by Carlos Escobar, Dr. Miguel LaPuz, Patrick Farrell, and Mark Takano for a virtual veteran’s town hall meeting.

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