May 19, 2021

Heritage Partners with Meadows Behavioral Healthcare

Heritage Health Solutions is proud to partner with Meadows Behavioral Healthcare, more commonly known as The Meadows, to provide our virtual program, Heritage CARES, for active military, veterans, and their families’ after-care treatment.

Heritage CARES, or Comprehensive Addiction Recovery Education and Support, is a confidential and evidence-based virtual program for substance use disorders (SUDs), and suicide prevention and intervention. Through the partnership, veterans, military members, and their families will be set up with an online account before departing The Meadows. The unique virtual program offered through Heritage CARES provides individuals with the tools and resources needed to enact effective, positive changes for SUDs. The program includes youturn, a video education platform, which houses the world’s most extensive library of proprietary, evidence-based, and therapist-led video content on substance misuse. The confidential platform is accessible 24/7/365 from any device.

“We are excited and honored to partner with Heritage Health Solutions through their Heritage CARES program. We strive at The Meadows to provide world class care and serve our veterans and military patients and family members when they are with us,” said Sean Walsh, CEO of The Meadows. “This partnership with Heritage and their proven track record of life saving work will allows us to continue to support veterans, military and their family after they discharge with us and transition into their aftercare.”

As part of the program, Heritage CARES also provides Assertive Community Engagement, known as ACE, Peer Coaching Support. Private access to quality care, online community engagement, and peer coaching support offers patients a confidential and sustainable option to encourage new behaviors and personal accountability. The Heritage CARES ACE Specialist – Peer Coaches are state-certified compassionate individuals who understand which community resources best fit an individual’s and their family’s unique situation.

Substance abuse is seen in more than two out of every ten veterans with PTSD and continues to be a significant problem for those who serve due to the mental and physical components of military life. From training to deployment to returning home and other job conditions, transitioning back into civilian life can be a challenging process. In addition, active military and veterans are often underserved and don’t receive the help they need to establish a routine of support and care during and after service. One of the most significant components in substance abuse recovery is the education behind the underlying behavioral issue and the support that should coincide with that journey. Both trained support and nonprofessional, nonclinical assistance are shown to significantly impact individuals with conditions or circumstances related to substance abuse.

Many other facets military members face is the lack of resources, peer support, and the ongoing stigma around mental health and substance misuse. Because of misunderstanding and misinformation, it can be difficult for individuals who have served and are currently serving to ask for immediate treatment for mental and physical issues. With the Heritage CARES online management program, confidentiality is a huge proponent of ensuring program users receive private support to have a successful journey after facility treatment.

“Creating opportunities for active military and veterans to receive the care and support they need is integral to what we do at Heritage Health Solutions. Introducing our Heritage CARES program to The Meadows means we can directly help people as they leave the facility by continuing their journey with after-treatment care,” said Hamilton Baiden, Heritage Health Solutions President. “We believe the recovery for substance use disorders is continuous, and when you have trained peer coaches to reach out to and access the world’s most comprehensive educational resources, it initiates effective and beneficial changes for the entire family. We’re excited about our partnership with the Meadows and look forward to being a solution for quality healthcare solutions.”