May 20, 2020

Heritage Partners With The Psychiatry & Behavioral Learning Network

Substance abuse has reached epidemic proportions, and it often spills out into the workplace, this can lead to an increase in company spending costs, as well as affect the safety and well being of those suffering from substance abuse and their coworkers. 

Heritage is pleased to announce a partnership with The Psychiatry and Behavioral Learning Network, the leading resource for mental and addiction treatment. This partnership will provide business leaders with valuable content on addiction and addiction issues. Please reserve your spot today for our new webinar, How to Identify and Address Substance Misuse & Abuse in the workplace. This webinar will discuss best practices in which organizations and company shareholders can effectively identify and address substance abuse in the workplace.

EVP & General Manager of Heritage Health Solution Hamilton Baiden
EVP & General Manager of Heritage Health Solution Hamilton Baiden

Join speakers, Hamilton Baiden, EVP of Heritage Health Solutions, and Rich Jones, CEO of FAVOR Greenville on Tuesday, June 9th, 1:00 p.m. ET, 12:00 p.m. CT for an informative discussion on best practices and common misconceptions about substance abuse in the workplace.

Those wishing to participate in this free webinar may do so at the following link: