Mar 19, 2021

Peer Coaches Can Help Those Suffering from Substance Abuse Meet Their Long-Term Recovery Goals

Peer coaches provide non-clinical assistance for those suffering from substance use disorders (SUD). They are a part of an ever-evolving approach to addiction recovery and offer four pillars of support: emotional, informational, instrumental, and affiliation. These four pillars of support are crucial in assisting those suffering from SUD achieve their long-term recovery goals and have been shown to reduce hospital stays, increase treatment retention, reduce substance abuse, and increase access to social support.  

The Heritage CARES program utilizes state-certified Assertive Community Engagement (ACE) Specialist- peer coaches. ACE coaches receive training via the Heritage CARES training academy; this academy empowers coaches by teaching them how to identify which interventions are present in the community and how they can leverage programs to help peers reach their recovery goals. Peer coaches are a crucial aspect of the recovery process and provide an additional layer of support in addiction recovery.