Oct 20, 2021

Why Disaster Recovery Programs Are Crucial

Whether a natural disaster is because of humans or nature itself, its impact can be devastating. Historically, natural disasters have produced challenges for VA healthcare and other resources needed for survival. These reasons are why disaster recovery programs are highly critical.

 Natural disasters create challenges for veterans to access proper health care. Limited space and severe damages to a facility’s infrastructure create substantial risk for more vulnerable citizens. Other obstacles such as power outages can limit the available support at standing hospitals and other healthcare facilities. Disaster recovery programs, such as the one provided by Heritage Health Solutions, can assist with connecting veterans to the care they need to maintain quality of life before, during, and after these occurrences. In addition, road closures, flooding, or limited supply within their local community significantly impact veterans who depend on certain medication deliveries.

Other factors, such as damage to homes and businesses, add to the financial hardships caused by natural disasters. In addition, increased stress and physical trauma from homelessness and limited traveling options show a substantial need for disaster recovery programs. Disaster recovery programs can provide an organized, centralized method to receive care within and outside an impacted area and assure veterans receive the support and protection needed to survive during these times of distress.

Heritage Health Solutions supports multiple VA locations before, during, and after natural disasters. We have access to 65,000+ pharmacy locations, giving us the ability to help government agencies reduce risk and increase capacity for those they serve. Heritage has experience managing responses to various disasters, including the California Wildfires and Hurricanes Dorian, Florence, and Harvey. Heritage’s dedicated account management team tracks all storms and other natural disasters that may impact our clients’ ability to deliver medications to their beneficiaries. Our tailored response solution allows our clients to set the duration of our response. We provide both cost control measures and assurances for a steady supply of required medications until a normal state of operations has resumed.

Learn more about Heritage’s proven Disaster Recovery Program at www.heritagehealthsolutions.com