Why Disaster Recovery Programs Are Crucial

Whether a natural disaster is because of humans or nature itself, its impact can be devastating. Historically, natural disasters have produced challenges for VA healthcare and other resources needed for survival. These reasons are why disaster recovery programs are highly critical.  Natural disasters create challenges for veterans to access proper health care. Limited space and […]

What Physicians Need to Know about Engaged Aftercare Treatment

Rich Jones, MA, MBA, LCAS, SAP   Early dropout from drug treatment continues to be a widespread problem, limiting overall treatment effectiveness, increasing the likelihood of relapse, and exacerbating adverse health, financial and legal consequences. In fact, within the first year of recovery, The Journal of American Medical Association (JAMA) estimates that between 40% and 60% of individuals who receive […]

Recovery Options are Changing – New Information for Healthcare Workers, Patients

Physicians treat patients all the time who have illnesses related to substance use disorders (SUD)s. High blood pressure, strokes, heart attacks, many cancers, liver and lung disease, and several infectious diseases are linked to drugs and alcohol. The toll is terrible. But healthcare organizations aren’t immune either – employees who struggle with SUDs can cost […]

Heritage CARES Helps Families Cope on the Road to Recovery from Substance Use

To recognize National Recovery Month, Heritage CARES, a leading virtual support program designed to help individuals struggling with stress, substance use, and suicidal ideation, celebrates the family’s role in a substance use disorder (SUD) recovery journey. So often, the focus is on the person struggling with SUD, but more than not, that individual has family members […]