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The Addiction Center reports that while 21 million Americans have at least one addiction, only 10 percent of people struggling with addiction issues receive help. That means 90 percent of individuals with addiction issues do not seek help. Why? The fear of stigmatization or abstinence, especially during dependency, are huge motivating factors to continue to suffer in silence.

The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) illustrates how 40 – 60 percent of individuals receive in-patient treatment for addiction, relapse. Unfortunately, society often associates recovery as a singular destination, such as receiving in-patient care, and not the journey it really is. Heritage CARES understands the hesitancy behind seeking help from a recovery center and the process of encouraging a healthy recovery journey after departure.

Heritage CARES was developed by experienced professionals with a deep knowledge of recovery services within varied clinical settings. We are proud to offer our program as both Pre-Care and After-Care to support in-patient treatment.

Heritage CARES

Heritage CARES as a Pre-Care Program

As a Pre-Care Program, Heritage CARES helps in-patient Addiction Treatment Centers motivate potential residents to take meaningful steps toward receiving care for their addiction. Self Evaluation of suicide ideation and substance use via online or phone gives the patient insight into where they are in their addiction. Educational video content is provided by the learning management system, youturn, to help the patient learn about their addiction and behaviors. When appropriate, a state-certified Assertive Community Engagement (ACE) Peer Coach provides a direct response and offers a smooth transition into your in-patient care facility.

Heritage CARES as an After-Care Program

As an After-Care Program, Heritage CARES helps patients maintain a positive recovery journey after completing in-patient treatment. Before departing the facility, Care Managers connect patients with ACE Peer Coaches who stay involved throughout the recovery journey. The assigned Peer Coaches use youturn as an adjunct to their care. They encourage recovery by helping to develop new behaviors, increasing family support, and promoting personal accountability through proactive outreach and coaching. Contact us today to learn how Heritage CARES can help your treatment center.

On average, it takes 3.5 months from the initial touchpoint for a participant to take their first step towards recovery

Almost 75% of people seeking recovery achieve their goal, and evidence shows that when the family is supported, the person struggling is more likely to stay in recovery

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