A Partnership Dedicated to Combatting Addiction in the Workplace

Addiction has reached epidemic levels. Your business is not immune. In companies all across America, addiction is causing loss of productivity, loss of revenue, and loss of hope. youturn© – the first-ever online video learning platform – was built to help your employees deal with addiction.

Substance abuse impacts everyone. As the numbers for addiction continue to rise, so do the added risks, including:

  • Increased health care costs
  • Potential harassment cases
  • Higher rates of overdose deaths

This is why Heritage Health Solutions has partnered with youturn© to offer vital education and insight for those who are suffering from addiction. While Heritage provides genetic testing and adherence and compliance programs for addiction and mental health issues, youturn© completes those offerings by addressing the impact of substance abuse. youturn© doesn’t just help individuals struggling with addiction – it offers support for their family members and loved ones as well. With youturn©, Heritage can provide recovery-focused resources for any type of substance use disorder (SUD).

This partnership delivers an innovative solution to businesses that recognize the impact of SUD on its workplace and employees. Heritage and youturn© have come together to offer recovery-focused solutions designed to make a positive change.

Learn more about Heritage’s Addiction Support Programs and download the Addiction Whitepaper.

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